Help protect the environment.

By recycling used devices such as MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, iMacs or even a high-end Mac Pro, you protect nature in the long term. No new device has to be produced for every used device. This saves resources.

Metals/rare earths are mined for new devices, which puts a heavy strain on the environment. Energy/electricity and other machines are also required for production. With a current used device, you are in no way inferior to a new device.

We offer very high quality, tested used equipment. Among others iMacs , iPhones , iPads , MacBook Pros as well as Mac Pros.

The used devices are completely checked, cleaned and thus refurbished.

We offer the used goods here at a significantly reduced price compared to buying new. Some 70% cheaper. So why not opt for a used MacBook and at the same time protect the environment?

Try it - you won't be disappointed.

Of course, we offer a 30-day right of return and the statutory 12-month warranty on all used devices.