Tastaturbefehle am Mac / Shortcuts Teil 1 Systemstart.


Keyboard commands on Mac / Shortcuts Part 1 system start

In your Mac, a lot of helpful features are integrated, which can be easily activated via certain keyboard shortcuts, so-called shortcuts.

Today I introduce you some of them!

In general, the keyboard shortcuts on the MacBook / Pro / Air or on all Apple keyboards work in conjunction with iMac / Pro, Mac Mini or Mac Pro.

But first briefly explains the most important buttons, so everyone knows what is meant:

Command (or cmd key) ⌘

Shift ⇧

Option key (or Alt key) ⌥

Control button (or Ctrl key) ^

Caps button others

Function key (FN)







Keyboard commands during system startup (buttons must be pressed and held when switching on):

Old ⌥ - Selection of the volumes to be started

Shift ⇧ - Starts Mac OS X in secured mode

Command ⌘ + R - Starts recovery mode

D - Start the system test (hardware diagnosis) only from BJ mid 2013

T - Starts in Target Disk Mode (data can be transmitted here
e.g. If a device is no longer properly starting (Thunderbolt / FireWire))


Command ⌘ + V - Verbose mode (here is displayed when booting is currently loaded)

Command ⌘ + Alt ⌥ + P + R - Performs a Pram Reset

Shift ⇧ + Control (Ctrl) + Alt ⌥ - Performs an SMC Reset