iPhone-Start: Apple-Logo geht nicht weg

The Apple iPhone shows the Apple logo, but does not get beyond this status when the device is started: What can you do if the smartphone start is stuck at the Apple symbol? There is an answer to this question in this guide. Because if the iPhone gets stuck at the Apple logo, then it doesn't have to go straight to the repair shop or to the Genius Bar in the Apple Store. There are a few solutions that you can try yourself. And we explain them in detail here.

Incidentally, the instructions help with all iPhone models, because the problem is not limited to a specific iPhone and occurs with the iPhone 6 as well as with the iPhone 12 or 13.

Possible causes: Why is the iPhone stuck on the Apple logo?

There can be various reasons why the Apple iPhone does not start up properly and iOS does not start completely. For example, the iOS beta version that was installed on the device may have expired. A jailbreak system can also show up as a result of the aborted start (if an iOS jailbreak has been carried out). If an iOS update or upgrade was carried out before the start, then this may have been canceled so that a new installation is now necessary. Finally, there may also be a hardware error - or simply the battery is too weak.

First solution: restart iPhone / perform hard reset

If the iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, is in a boot loop or similar error, then a restart can help. To do this, you have to turn off the iPhone and turn it on again. However, due to the software error that may be causing the problem, the regular switch-off may not work. If this is the case, then a “hard reset” is recommended. Even if it contains the word "reset" (freely translated "reset"), no data will be lost. Depending on the iPhone generation, the hard reset may work differently - the Apple support document provides help.

Second solution: Install iOS backup or reinstall

If restarting either doesn't help or isn't even possible, then "Recovery Mode" may be necessary. To do this, the iPhone must be connected to the Apple Mac or a Windows PC (USB to Lightning cable) and either a previously created backup or a fresh version of iOS installed. Either the Finder or iTunes is used for this.

Here are the instructions on how to use iPhone Recovery Mode to back up or completely reinstall iOS via computer:

  1. Turn off the iPhone
  2. Connect iPhone to Apple Mac or Windows PC (use USB to Lightning cable)
  3. Start the Finder (from macOS 10.15 Catalina) or iTunes (up to macOS 10.14 Mojave and Windows).
  4. Press the hard reset button (see Apple website) and keep the last button combination pressed until the connection display appears
  5. Choose the "Update" option on the computer to try to get the iOS system working while keeping the personal data and files
  6. If that doesn't work, then repeat all steps and select "Restore" to reinstall iOS (data will be lost)
  7. If nothing works, reset the iPhone to factory settings

Learn more about iPhone Recovery Mode: Apple support document

After Recovery Mode: Reboot and monitor system startup

After updating, restoring or resetting the iPhone, you should always check whether the measure worked as a final step. To do this, the smartphone is disconnected from the computer and switched off (if it does not switch off automatically). It is then switched on normally using the power or side button. The button can be released when the Apple logo appears. Now you have to be patient and wait for the system start to complete. If the iPhone is still stuck on the Apple logo, then there are even more solutions.

Third solution: Use DFU mode on Apple iPhone

The abbreviation DFU stands for "Device Firmware Update", so the firmware of the smartphone is reloaded via the corresponding mode if a reset to factory settings is selected here. The first steps towards DFU mode on the iPhone are similar to those of recovery mode. So again, a computer with macOS or Windows is required.

In order to activate the status of the Apple smartphone, also known as "maintenance mode", the following procedure is necessary:

  1. Turn off the iPhone
  2. Connect iPhone to Apple Mac or Windows PC (use USB to Lightning cable)
  3. Start the Finder (from macOS 10.15 Catalina) or iTunes (up to macOS 10.14 Mojave and Windows).
  4. If the iPhone has turned on and displays something, switch it off again (possibly using the hard reset key combination)
  5. Hold (and hold) power button/side button for three seconds
  6. After the three seconds, also press and hold the home button / volume buttons
  7. Hold both (points 5 and 6) for 10 seconds
  8. Release the power button/side button (5) but hold the home button/volume buttons (6) for five seconds
  9. If the iPhone screen is black and the computer asks you to choose between a backup installation or a factory reset, then you did everything right
  10. If the backup installation does not help, reset the device completely using the second option

Fourth solution: make an appointment for repairs or send in the iPhone

If nothing helps, the Apple logo still doesn't go away on the iPhone display when you start it, or other problems occur, then professionals have to help. A visit to the Apple Store around the corner, where a genius can take a look at the device and put it through its paces, is recommended. If this is not possible or if there is not enough time, the iPhone can also be sent in. Apple's troubleshooting professionals then investigate why the boot process is not completing. A solution to the problem is then sought or, in an emergency, the exchange of the device is offered.

iPhone Repair and Service Official Site: Visit Here .

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