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Apple Mac Mini 2014 2,6GHz refurbished Tagesdeal - mac-store24.com
Apple Mac Mini 2014 refurbished gebraucht - mac-store24.com
Apple Mac Mini 2018 refurbished gebraucht - mac-store24.com
Apple Mac Mini M1 refurbished gebraucht - mac-store24.com

Buy a used Mac Mini. Mini aluminum housing with high-end configuration.

The Mac Mini is a complete desktop computer measuring 20cm x 20cm and only 4cm high. It's hard to believe what's integrated into the aluminum housing. A processor with up to 6 cores. Memory up to 64GB RAM. Solid state drive (SSD) with a maximum of 2TB. Several connection options complete the elegant device.

You can freely configure your Mac Mini here. Memory, CPU, HDD/SSD. We have vintages 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2018 as well as the current Mac Mini M1 Silicon.

Even if the devices are used, the condition is very good. High-quality manufacturing by Apple, with hardware that can keep up well for years to come. Completely tested and refurbished.