iPhone als Kamera am Mac

You want to use your iPhone as a camera on the Mac as a webcam?

Since Mac OS Ventura it has been possible to use the iPhone 's camera and microphone on the Mac. The newer iPhone models in particular offer very high-resolution cameras with currently up to 48 megapixels.

Attention, the whole thing is only possible if your Mac supports at least OS Ventura and your iPhone I OS 16.

Requirements to use the iPhone as a camera and microphone:

To use your iPhone as a camera, make sure you have the latest version of Mac OS Ventura installed on your iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, or Mac Mini.

In addition, your iPhone needs the current version of at least iOS 16.

Sign in to both devices with the same Apple ID!

If your Mac and iPhone support the operating systems, it is relatively easy to use the iPhone as a camera.

To use your iPhone as a microphone on a Mac without a built-in camera, the iPhone must be pinned and locked in landscape mode.

Procedure to use the iPhone as a webcam or camera:

  1. Open an app on your Mac that can access the camera or microphone, e.g. B. FaceTime or Photo Booth.

  2. Select your iPhone as camera and/or microphone in the menu bar or in the settings of the app.

    The Integration app opens on your iPhone and begins recording audio or video from the main camera.

  3. The following options are now available:

    • Pause the video or audio: On your iPhone, tap Pause or swipe up to unlock it.

    • Resume the video or audio: On your iPhone, tap Resume or press the side button or the sleep button to lock iPhone.

    • To stop iPhone as a webcam or microphone, just close the app on your Mac.

    • If you want to remove your phone as an option:
      On your iPhone, tap Disconnect.
      Your iPhone is now removed from the camera and microphone lists in apps and from the audio input device list in Sound preferences.

    • To reconnect iPhone, connect your iPhone to your Mac using a USB cable.

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