Gebraucht refurbished kaufen - Vorteile - der gute Rat!

Advantages of buying used

Who hasn't asked themselves the question, new or used refurbished by the dealer?

I personally only know one answer: needed .

Buying a used Mac is a direct contribution to protecting the environment. Used goods are sustainable because no new device has to be produced.

Another advantage is that the devices have been extensively tested. Any errors that were overlooked during the manufacturer's check were definitely noticed in a used device and were eliminated.

It is important to pay attention to buy from a dealer. A dealer is liable for any hidden defects. We test the devices very extensively. You will also be completely cleaned - inside and out. The latest firmware updates are loaded onto the devices.

Last but not least, used goods are of course also significantly cheaper than they are sold new.

In short, you only have advantages if you can live with a few signs of use.

Apple refurbished with passion

Apple refurbished huge selection of refurbished MacBook Pro. iMacs . Mac Mini . iPads . Apple display.
With the purchase of a used and refurbished Apple you protect the environment, since no new device has to be produced. This means that no new resources are required and, by the way, the devices are also significantly cheaper - so you save money.

Apple used and refurbished

Buy Apple used , protect the environment and save money
Sustainable electronics is the future. Circular economy is the keyword - circular economy. Each device is thoroughly checked and cleaned by us. The devices are error-free. We therefore offer a 12-month guarantee on all refurbished Apple MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, iPhones and other devices offered here. Let the quality of a refurbished Apple device convince you and help protect the environment. With the purchase of a used Apple MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone, iPad or generally used goods, you not only save money but you also actively contribute to environmental protection.