Buy a used MacBook Pro refurbished

The Apple MacBook and Pro devices offered here in the shop are used and completely refurbished and tested.

At you can freely configure the devices according to the power requirement. The devices show signs of wear, but are overall in very good condition. Second hand at a great price.

You can buy a used device very cheaply compared to buying a new one. Let the quality of Apple convince you. By buying a used device, you get the high quality for a small part of the new price.

Apple constantly offers new innovations, such as two graphics cards, an illuminated keyboard, a retina display or a battery life of up to 10 hours.

With the purchase of a used device, you not only get high-end hardware at a fair price, but you also protect the environment, since every used device does not have to be produced anew

From now on you can also finance your used MacBook Pro / Air in installments with us.