Used MacBook Pro

Do you travel a lot and still want to work on the go without sacrificing performance? Then Apple MacBook Pro is the right choice for you!

Large retina display in an elegant aluminum design, long battery life, powerful with hardly any heat generation are just a few of the noteworthy details of the Apple MacBook Pro.

With us you will find a large selection of used MacBook Pro, used MacBook and used MacBook Air.

All devices are overhauled and refurbished.

Why buy a used MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro are checked, cleaned and thermal paste is renewed. Current software is pre-installed free of charge. The MacBooks are thus completely refurbished.

By buying a used MacBook Pro, you make a lasting contribution to environmental protection, since no new device has to be produced and therefore no new resources are required from nature. Of course you also save money because the devices are significantly reduced compared to the new price at Apple.


We are specialized in Apple products with an experience of 12 years. With us you can configure the used MacBook Pro as you wish. You also have a 12-month guarantee on your refurbished MacBook Pro.

We offer many payment methods. PayPal, Amazon, installment purchase, Klarna, Apple financing and and and.

You can also try out and test your MacBook at your leisure. We offer a 1 month return policy.

Refurbished with passion. Sustainability is our motto.

What are you waiting for? Let yourself be convinced by a used refurbished MacBook Pro.