Wie setzte ich das Betriebssystem an einem Mac neu auf?

Reinstall Mac OS X

Today I show you how to rebuild your operating system on the Mac:

The easiest way is to restart the already integrated recovery function on the MAC. Some of you have already needed the function. Here is described as it works.


The recovery function is initiated via the command key (CMD) as well as the ROY R. Both buttons must be pressed simultaneously when the MAC is turned on.






If the Mac has no internet connection, you have to make this now.






If the connection is established, a recovery icon appears. If an internet connection already exists, the recovery icon will be displayed directly.






Now click the recovery icon so that the restore is started.






If you want to keep your data and only want to rebuild the operating system, as you may suspect a mistake, you can use the language to start the installation directly. Simply click again on MacOS and confirm it to continue.






Then you choose the drive on which the installation should and then confirms again.






If you want a completely new installation without any data, the hard drive must be deleted beforehand. Thus, first the hard disk utility must be clicked and then confirm with proceeding.






In the hard disk service program in the left column, select the drive to be deleted and confirm with deletion.






Now a window appears in which you can still enter the name for the drive.






Fits everything then confirm here with deletion.






If the hard disk is deleted, you can close the hard drying program. Simply click on the red X.






Now the installation can begin, exactly as described above:






Reinstall on MacOS and confirm with proceed.






Then you choose the drive on which the installation should and then confirms again.






This manual works for all Macs like MacBook / Pro / Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, iMac from year of construction 2011.