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Rare earths

Do you know the term?

Rare earths are valuable raw materials. There are 17 of them in number. Rare earths are only used in very small quantities, but without them some things would not work. Whether LEDs, smartphones / iPhones, notebooks / MacBooks, computers / iMacs, electric motors and many other high-tech products. Most manufacturers are supplied with rare earths from China. The rare metals are not rare in themselves - but they only occur in small quantities everywhere. The mining of rare earths is very complex and unfortunately often problematic for our environment. Of course, there are regulations for mining metals all over the world, but these are often not adhered to. The metals are mined using acid, which washes the metals out of the boreholes, so the resulting waste products often end up in the groundwater and poison it.

What we can do? What you can do?

Recycle instead of promoting.

If you buy refurbished devices, you protect the environment, resources and your wallet. Use the devices until they are no longer of any use, try to repair the devices instead of buying a new one straight away, or opt for a used device. Even if you dispose of a broken device fairly, it is too laborious and expensive for most manufacturers to remove the rare earths from old devices and reuse them. This is where the reprocessing of the devices comes into play. By reconditioning and cleaning older models, they can be used for many more years.

Refurbished is as good as new, cheaper than new and better for the environment, if those aren't enough arguments.