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Keyboard commands on the Mac / Shortcuts Part 1 system start

There are lots of helpful functions integrated into your Mac that can be easily activated using certain keyboard commands, so-called shortcuts.

Today I'll introduce you to some of them!

In general, the keyboard commands work on the MacBook / Pro / Air or on all Apple keyboards in conjunction with iMac / Pro, Mac Mini or Mac Pro.

But first the most important keys are briefly explained so that everyone knows what is meant:

Command (or Cmd) ⌘

Shift ⇧

Option (or Alt) ⌥

Control key (or Ctrl key) ⌃

Caps Lock ⇪

Function key (Fn)







Keyboard commands when starting the system (keys must be pressed and held when switching on):

ALT ⌥ - Selection of the volume to boot

Shift ⇧ - Starts Mac OS X in Safe Mode

Command ⌘ + R - Starts recovery mode

D - Starts the system test (hardware diagnosis) only from mid-2013

T - Starts in target disk mode (data can be transferred here
e.g. if a device no longer starts properly (Thunderbolt/Firewire))


Command key ⌘ + V - Verbose mode (this shows what is currently being loaded during the boot process)

Command ⌘ + ALT ⌥ + P + R - Performs a PRAM reset

Shift key ⇧ + Control (CTRL) + ALT ⌥  - Performs an SMC reset